HEAT Appearance Policy

HEAT provides sports opportunities for home school families, but its primary purpose is to honor God through that avenue.  One of the biggest problems we face is how to do that in light of all the differing opinions/interpretations of how the Bible teaches us to appropriately present ourselves. Because each individual represents the entire team to others, the attitudes, actions, and appearances of the individual reflect on each member of the team and the HEAT organization as a whole. Therefore, the desired representation that the HEAT organization wants to portray should be reflected in each individual’s attitudes, actions, and appearances.

Although the Bible talks about our freedom in Christ as individuals it also talks about considering our neighbors, not causing our brothers to stumble, and being a witness to others.  In the interest of promoting a team atmosphere and developing the sense of the Body of Christ, we strive to be uniform in our uniforms and have standards that are standard across all sports and venues.

To uphold these ideals, we have a dress code that is applicable to all athletes in any situation where they represent HEAT.  This is during practice, as a participant in athletic contests, as well as a spectator at HEAT events.  It is quite difficult to have a standard that all people will agree with so we ask that each person commit to the good of the whole by putting aside any personal differences/preferences and support the policies listed here.

Intent cannot be determined so to promote the most positive testimony for unity and modesty the following dictates should be adhered to:

All athletes are to dress uniformly during the contest and in the team warmup immediately preceding it.  This includes socks, warmups, and other accessories.  Headbands, tights, and other protective or preventative adornment can be worn at the coaches discretion but must adhere to any UIL rules and be of a solid team color so as not to draw undue attention.

No overly tight or form fitting garments may be worn as exterior clothing.  This includes but is not limited to spanks, tights, yoga pants, sliders, etc.,.

No clothing so loosely fitting as to expose underwear or private parts.

No see-through clothing without appropriate undergarments.

Shorts must have an inseam length of 4” or greater and may not be rolled up to make them shorter.

Hair must be in a generally modest and conservative style. This includes no abnormal hair coloring, no shapes, names, or symbols observed in the hair or lack thereof, and nothing that could cause injury to self or another player.  Specific to guys, the hair must be up off the shoulders, no hair tied up in any form, and any facial hair must be kept neatly trimmed.

In order for you to participate in the HEAT organization you are not required to agree wholeheartedly with these regulations, but you are asked to abide by them without grumbling and complaining.