HEAT Parent’s Pledge

With a desire to foster a positive, joyful, harmonious environment for my child and others, and in an effort to demonstrate Christ-like character and give glory to God, I will:

1. Honor the team that my child plays on by submitting to the greater good of the team at the expense of my own and my child’s ambitions. I will place others’ needs before my own.

2. Honor those in authority including coaches and referees by accepting their decisions without argument, grumbling, or inappropriate gesturing.

3. Not verbally address an official or referee in a negative manner.

4. Honor our opponents’ players and fans by not engaging in taunting, baiting, or ridiculing them.

5. Not criticize or coach my child from the stands during games and practices. I will verbalize encouraging comments during the game and at practices.

6. Honor the Christian commitment of the program by my language, not using unwholesome words or participating in talk or joking that is not befitting a Christian testimony.

7. Not talk in a negative way about the coach to my child or other players and their families. I will not gossip or talk about others in a negative, disparaging manner, nor will I give an ear to someone who does. I will treat others as I would want others to treat me.

8. Follow the Conflict Resolution Policy and use the Matthew 18 principle when dealing with any conflict or concerns. If my high school athlete has a question or concern, I will encourage he/she to address the coach first. If the issue is not resolved between the player and coach, I may request a meeting with the coach to discuss the issue.

9. Support the team rules for travel, dress, and behavior and help my child follow the Athlete’s Pledge. I will assist in paying the transportation costs if my child and I are traveling with someone else.

10. Notify the coach before the practice or game if my child will not be present or will be late.

11. Properly supervise all of my children. For the safety of these children and to maintain a Christian witness in respecting the facilities and equipment of the venues where we play, I will monitor the behavior of my children at all times, and we will clean up after ourselves.

I will support this Parent’s Pledge by doing my best to adhere to it. I understand that I may fail and will accept correction as appropriate and strive to make adjustments as warranted.