HEAT Homeschool Verification

Home Education Athletic Teams (Tyler HEAT) is an organization serving Christian homeschool families and students. As such, the organization competes periodically in contests and tournaments which REQUIRE 51% HOMESCHOOL INSTRUCTION. Upon registration, each participant must verify that he or she is receiving parent-directed instruction for at least 51% of their education during the semester or semesters in which the student is participating in HEAT sports.

We draw this requirement from NCHC which states: “Homeschooling” is defined to mean that a student’s education is parent-directed and done at home. As such, the parents shall be directly involved in their child’s education, playing the role of the headmaster thereby (1) selecting curriculum, (2) selecting and/or approving course materials and study schedules, & (3) selecting tutors, co-op’s, teachers, dual enrollment options, &/or resources for their child’s education. HEAT leaves curriculum choice to the parent’s discretion, provided it is done primarily at home and the parents have the ability to change curriculum at their discretion.

For more information on the definition of homeschooling and what types of instruction are permissible, you may review the basketball eligibility requirements for National Christian Homeschool Championships. HEAT strives to follow these eligibility guidelines to remain eligible for NCHC and similar homeschool contests and tournaments.

If you have questions about this requirement, please contact your coach and discuss your situation with them. NCH contests, for example, will require separate and similar homeschool verification.