HEAT Athlete’s Pledge

I will:
1. Provide an honorable Christian testimony as a member of the HEAT Athletics program, whether on the playing field or off.

2. Strive to develop my God-given gifts in character, academics, and athletic skill.

3. Honor those in authority; including coaches, referees or other officials, by accepting at all times their decisions without argument, grumbling, or gesturing of any kind.

4. Honor my teammates by submitting to the greater good of the team at the expense of my own ambitions, by giving them encouragement, and by trying to develop an attitude that places others’ needs before my own.

5. Honor my opponents by playing my best and yet not engaging in taunting, baiting, or ridiculing of any kind.

6. Honor the Christian commitment of the program by my language, not using unwholesome words or participating in talk or joking that is not befitting a Christian testimony. Not gossip or talk maliciously about my teammates or coaches in person or on social media. I will treat others, as I would want others to treat me.

7. Be at all practices and games unless extenuating circumstances occur, at which time I will notify the coach as soon as possible. I understand that missing a game or practice without notice is a serious offense and could be grounds for discipline.

8. Dress in a manner consistent with the values of the program. When in doubt, I will choose modesty. I will change clothes in a non-public location in the facility. Offensive tattoos will be covered at all HEAT events. I understand my Coach and Athletic Director (or other Officer if Coach and AD are the same person) have the final say in what is acceptable attire and grooming.

9. Not use or possess illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. I will submit to random drug tests at any time during the season. I understand my use or possession of an illegal substance may be grounds for suspension or dismissal from the program.

As a member of the HEAT organization, I will support this athlete’s pledge by doing my best to adhere to it. I may fail and will accept correction as appropriate and strive to make adjustments as warranted. I understand that the failure to comply with this pledge could result in disciplinary action, reduced playing time, suspension from athletic activities, and/or even expulsion from the program.